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Opening Weekend Art Series T-Shirt

Opening Weekend Art Series T-Shirt

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Introducing our 2023 Art Series! Starting off with artists G&L Dumm for our Opening Weekend Series against the Dayton Dragons.

 Lifelong residents of Cleveland Ohio, Gary and Laura married in 1971, combining their very different creative talents. Whether collaborating or working independently, these two artists have created a large body of work. These diverse works range from comic books to graphic novels, prints to paintings, pen & ink to digital art, and public art, including a 60-foot mural. In other words, they say “yes” to every challenge that comes their way or that they can imagine.

They have tackled political, social and environmental issues in both comic books and large pop-surrealist paintings, telling their artistic truth, usually with a touch of humor.

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Instagram - lauradumm2



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