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Art Series T-Shirt (July 25th-30th Beloit Sky Carp)

Art Series T-Shirt (July 25th-30th Beloit Sky Carp)

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The next design of the 2023 Artist Series is brought to you by Emily Zhang.

Emily Zhang is a versatile Illustrator currently based in the Greater-Cleveland area. She specializes in a combination of illustration and graphic design. Her favorite fields in illustration include product and package design, surface design (especially with watercolor florals), and comics and illustration for print. She loves drawing cute anthropomorphic animals and uses styles such as textured graphics and loose watercolor paintings, such as line and wash techniques. She favors slice-of-life stories and fantasy elements in her storytelling, especially about relationships and mental health. Outside of industry studio work and freelance comic illustration, she also creates her own products for her own store and sells at conventions.

You can find all her socials on her linktree ( or portfolio website: or, @blazingarts909 on Instagram and @blazingfire909 on Youtube and Twitch!


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