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Art Series T-Shirt (June 13th-18th West Michigan WhiteCaps)

Art Series T-Shirt (June 13th-18th West Michigan WhiteCaps)

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Introducing our 4th art series design. Here is some information on the featured artist!


Hi, I’m L.J. I’m an illustrator with 10+ years of experience working freelance and in-house. I can work purely digitally, but print is my first love. My focus is on editorial, publishing, and advertising. My work is equal parts whimsical and weird, majorly influenced by animation, comics, or anything with a good story. I'm also a lifelong, certified nerd, enjoying tabletop roleplaying games, anime, and fantasy stories. In 2021, I became a rookie Magic: The Gathering player. Sometimes I even win. You can find me online at and @lj_illustrates on Instagram.

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